Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Christmas come and gone. I hosted the "Christmas dinner" at my house Christmas eve. I had a full house. 10 adults and 8 kids. It made for an event filled night. I was exhausted by the time everyone left, yet I still had alot more work to do. In the morning we made the girls wait in the stairway until it was time for christmas to start. IT was a great christmas morning. Santa left us a very nice thank you note and he had given Livy an amazing Princess vanity, Elsa got a very cool "Bat Cave", Hillie a barbie that came with a bike, and Nixon got a winter outfit. Santa also brought Micah an air compressor and I got a long awaited Kitchen aid mixer (yellow). It has been nice having Micah take a week of vacation at work. He has been very helpful in taking care of the kids and getting things done around the house while I still have to go to work. We are excited to be going up to Logan this weekend to ring in the new year with family.

I have so much to be greatful for this past year. I am greatful everyday for a wonderful husband and 4 happy and healthy kids. For the roof over our heads and for the ability to provide a safe and happy home for my kids. I am especially greatful for the joy the gospel has brought into my life. I feel the love of my Father in Heaven every day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last week Micah completed is final class of his college career. I am so proud of him. After ten years of marriage, 4 moves, and 4 kids later, he did it. I am so impressed by his dedication and determination. He has juggled so much more than most college students and he still managed to get good grades. I don't think I could have been able to stick to it the way he has.

So now we can sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays with family. It will be wierd to not have to worry about starting back into school next month and dealing with all that comes with school, finals, projects, commuting, etc.

We are looking forward to the upcoming year and hope everyone has a merry christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Festival of the Trees

Elsa had written her Christmas list as well as Livy and they give it to Santa. So cute.

Each of us took a picture next to our favorite tree. Also the Gingerbread houses were amazing. We especially loved the "Christmas Story" house and the "Up" house.
Christmas with the kids is so much fun. we enjoy it more and more each year. The girls eagerly anticipate all the festivities.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Princesses on Ice

Last night we were able to go see the Disney Princesses on ice. It was Micah's birthday and so I had asked him if he REALLY would want to go and do this on his birthday. He was more than willing to go. He was just looking forward to spending time with the family. He is such a great dad, so we went. It was so much fun going there. There were all these little girls wearing their princess gowns and plenty of over priced princess souveniers. I have never been to one of these before, I was really excited.
It was so much fun. I felt like a little girl again. I found myself in awe of their costumes and the bright colors. The skating alone was so great to watch. The kids kept their eyes glued to the ice. They didn't want the show to end, they are already asking me when they can go again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wow, October came and went so fast. Micah and I celebrated our 10year wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner with Nixon. The girls were at their aunts houses for a sleep over. I can't believe we have been married 10 years. It certainly does't seem like it.

Livy turned 4 on the 24th and we celebrated by carving pumpkins and eating cake and donuts at Oma and Opa's. We always go to the "Pumpkin Walk" in North Logan and the girls and their cousins had a great time.

Halloween was a blast. Our neice and nephews came trick or treating with us and the weather was great. Hillie was an elephant and it was hilarious to watch her walk-even better, was to see her run from the behind because she had quite a bit of "junk in her trunk".

It has been a busy time. It seems I have a ton of things to do and never enough time to do it. I am looking forward to the holidays but also look forward to the holidays ending.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Pictures

I am so excited. My awsome friend Michelle took some new pics of the family last week and I just got the disc today. She did such a great job. I was a little unsure about having them done because I didn't get my hair cut before hand like I had wanted to and I still have a few extra baby pounds on me. The day before the pics Livy and Hillie got their hair covered in Ucerin lotion (which is basically clear crisco!). I didn't think I could get it all out before the big day, but I got a great tip to try baking soda in their hair and Voila! It came out, Whew. Needless to say, I am very happy with the pictures, and glad we did it. Thanks alot Michelle, you are the best! If anyone wants to check out her website its michellesallayphotography.com

Family pictures

Family Pictures

Friday, October 2, 2009

They could be twins!

I thought this was so funny. They look so much alike. Same overalls, by the way.

Nixon's first shoot

I realized that I hadn't had pictures done of Nixon in his blessing outfit and worried that he would soon out grow it, so I went to the Target studio and had pictures done, last minute. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I was glad to get the shots that I have. It is crazy to see such similarities with Nixon and Livy. I could put a dress on Nixon at this point and I don't know if you could tell the difference. I will try and post some "side by sides", you will see. I love my little boy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009!

Nixon's Blessing

It was an eventful weekend! We spent saturday with the Wybrow's up at Oktoberfest. The kids danced the "Chicken Dance" with Oma and we ate alot of bratwurst with saurkraut. Its an annual tradition and we have so much fun.
Sunday we had the blessing. Micah's mom made a very beautiful blessing outfit for Nixon and we had alot of family and friends come and support us. I am truly blessed to have such a great husband and children. I am so thankful everyday for what I have.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My parents invited Micah and I and the kids to Yellowstone for the weekend. The girls absolutely loved getting away and especially swimming any time they wanted. The weather was perfect. I don't know what it is though, every time I go to Yellowstone, I get sunburned so easily and quickly, maybe its because we are higher in elevation and so we are closer to the sun? Anyway, it was alot of fun and when the kids have a great time and don't want to leave, then I know it was well worth it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August came and went

As expected, August came and went too fast. It was a great month. We welcomed another niece to the Wybrow family, Jette. She is so sweet, as most girls are when they are born. And we are really happy for Hart and Katie.
Nixon, is starting to outgrow that "newborn" phase. He has mellowed out a bit and is now smiling. I constantly have to defend him from his overly-loving sisters or else I am sure something horrible will happen.
Micah started is FINAL semester at the U of U. He only has one class and it is an internship at an elderly home in West Jordan. It should be a easy semester for him.
I am going back to work in 2 weeks, and not looking forward to it. I love the girls I work with, but home is where I prefer to be. I have really enjoyed this time off, it has given me more time to focus on my family and my home. Maybe someday in the near future being a "stay at home mom" will be an option for me.