Monday, February 27, 2012

Tu'uali'i Faleafaga Enosa Obituary: View Tu'uali'i Enosa's Obituary by Salt Lake Tribune

Tu'uali'i Faleafaga Enosa Obituary: View Tu'uali'i Enosa's Obituary by Salt Lake Tribune

Till we meet again

The past couple weeks have been very difficult for me. Last week I lost my dear friend, Tua to cancer. I have known Tua for 10 years. We worked together and became very good friends. I feel so blessed to have known her. I first met her as a newly divorced woman who moved down from Logan to Salt Lake to start over. About a year after that, she met and married her husband, Papu "Bobby". Then a couple years after that, I saw her become a mother to a sweet little gir, Kaitlin. A year or so after having Kaitlin, she wanted to try for another baby, but sadly she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy treatments. Around the same time, Tua found the Gospel. She was so eager and took ahold of the Gospel with all her might. She couldn't wait to go through the temple. I was there at her baptism and saw the excitment and joy and peace that the Gospel brought to her. A couple years later, they found cists on her uterus and she immediatly had a historectomy with out much thought. It was upsetting to see her go through what she did, especially seeing how she had to give up the idea of having another child.
Exactly a year after she was baptized, she went and had her endowments taken out. She LOVED going to the temple. I don't think there was any place she felt more happy and at peace.
A little over a year ago, we celebrated her 5 year bench mark of being cancer free. She had beat it!!! We were so excited for her and had a celebration at the office.
Two months after that, she was having abdominal problems and thought she had apendisitis. She went to the Doctor and found out that she had stage 4 bone and lung cancer. After alot of tears, she made a resolution that she was going to fight this as long as she could, she wanted to be here for her daughter, to watch her get baptized, graduate, married. She didn't want to go and miss those moments. Unfortunatly, she lost that battle 3 months before Kaitlin is to be baptized.
We were able to go and see her a couple of times during her final week. It was surreal to see Tua in that state and to know she was that close to the veil. Part of me was so happy for her, she served her purpose, she found the Gospel and was ready to go, but on the other hand, my heart broke for Kaitlin, she needs her mom!
We attended the funeral on Saturday, along with (I believe) the entire samoan/Tongan/polynesian community! It was overwhelming to see the amount of people she affected and that loved her. She truly was "one of a kind".
I am so greatful that I was able to be apart of her life for 10 years. She taught me so much about compassion, tolerance, kindness, generosity and of course, Love. She exemplified what it means to be a "true deciple of Christ". I only hope I can be half of the woman she was. She always had an amazing attitude. She fought till the end.
At the service, I was touched when a cousin of her spoke about her final moments and how she had become so dehydrated and that she was incapable of crying. However, as she was taking her final breaths, they brought Kaitlin to her side, told Tua, "Kaitlin is here". She turned to look at her, opened her eyes and as she look at her, a single tear streamed down her face, and then she was gone.
I will miss my Tua so much. In sunday, for the closing hymn, we sang, "Till we meet again" That is my prayer, that someday we will meet again, and I can once again recieve one of her big samoan hugs and tell her how much I have missed her and love her!

Friday, December 2, 2011

HOLY MOLY!! Was July really my last post??

THe pictures actually are a backwards timeline

Hillie and Nixon with their cousin Camry


Livy's 6th Birthday!!

WE went to Airport 2 to see an original WWII B-17 airplane, really cool!!

For Micah's Birthday, we went to the FOO FIGHTERS!!

Going out to celebrate our 12th anniversary!!

Annual Oktoberfest with Wybrows!!

Micah and I had a chance to go up to Park City for an overnight stay with my work, we ate dinner at the River Horse

Elsa and Livy's first day of school!!

Hillie's 4th birthday!!

Nixon's 2nd birthday!!

It has been a great year, I must say. We have decided to stay in our house for another year or so. We took it off the market in the early summer (we couldn't sell it). So I have decided to embrace the neighborhood, realize the blessings and I am content. I really can't complain, I have great neighbors, my kids are happy and healthy, our house is in good shape, and I am able to be home now. What is there to complain about, really?
Elsa and Livy started 3rd grade and kindergarten. They are really enjoying it. I teach art in Elsa's class every other week and I help in Livy's class every tuesday. I love being able to observe them with their peers.
I was released from the RS pres and am now serving the YW. First time being in YW since I was a YW, so it has been alot of fun.
Thanksgiving was great. We spent it up in Hyrum with Micah's family and everything was delicious. I have surprising enjoyed the brussel sprouts each year.
For the first time, I was a die hard black friday gal. My friend and I went out at 9:30 thurs night, hit a few stores, then went to IHOP for a break, which was crazy busy at 2;30 in the morning!!??? Then hit several more stores and finished up at 6:30 am!!! Yes, I was crazy! I could't really sleep friday, cuz Micah ended up working and so I had to be with kids. I got a couple hours of sleep. I don't think I have pulled an "all nighter" since I was in college! Needless to say, I went to bed at 6:30 pm and woke up at about 8:00 in morning. Im sure I could have slept in longer if the kids weren't there.
The Holidays are now here and Micah is working like a dog! He is out every night til about 9:30-10:00 pm. This year, with the boost in sales has given UPS an obscene amount of work. There is just too much! He will normally have around 60-70 stops in a day, but during the holidays, he is having as much as 270 stops!! He is such a hardworker and never complains.
During this time of year, I truly count my blessings. I am greatful every day for what I have. Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another eventful month has come along. First of all, I can't believe this weather! It is nearly June, and I am still running my heater! I want to pull out the tank tops (kids, not mine) shorts and flip flops (Hillie calls them low-bots). Enough already, really.

A couple of weeks ago I found out that my only living grandparent (my dad's mom) past away at 90 years old. It wasnt too difficult for me, seeing how I have talked and seen her twice in the past 18 years. She was a very angry person and so I hope she has found some peace now. My parents invited Ian and I to drive down with them to Southern California to attend the funneral, which just happened to be mother's day. I had difficulties in trying to arrange child care (Micah works nights) so I brought Elsa and Livy along to make it a little easier for Micah and myself. We stopped in Las Vegas and picked up our eldest sister Tammie and we were off. It was great to see our extended family (its been a long time). All of my brothers came (no spouses) and that too was great to all be together as siblings. It was Mother's day when we arrived in California and my dad took us all out to eat to this place called, "King's Hawaiian" It was so good and fun to try something different. During the whole trip I was pleased with how well behaved Elsa and Livy were. They were the only children around and they were so good, I know there presence was appreciated for alot of people who were there, myself included.

A few days after we got back from CA, it was Ilene's wedding day. It was very small and casual and very "low key" She asked the nieces to be flower girls and they were very excited for the job. I am glad she has found someone who will make her happy.

My older brother Josh and his wife Sarah and their two children came from Reno to come to the wedding. They also wanted to bless their 3 month old daughter, Hope. On Sunday we had the blessing at my home and a luncheon immediately after. I like being able to host these kind of family events but for me personally, it wears me out. Josh and his family planned to leave Monday morning, but decided that we should do one last outing and so we went with the kids to the Living aquarium. Reno has nothing that is kid friendly and so I knew that they would enjoy it. Unfortunately we came at the exact moment that 5 school buses pulled up and apparently, it was 3 school's field trip! That was exhausting trying to speak over all those kids not to mention, trying to keep track of my own in the sea of children.

So yes, a funneral, wedding, and baby blessing within 1 week.

For the best news...Micah started his new job this week!!! I am now a stay-at-home mom! I can't believe it, It has been so nice to finally spend the time that I want with my kids and to have Micah home every night has been awesome. He has been in training all week and goes out on the road Monday. I know he will do great. I feel that we are so blessed in our lives. Micah and I count our blessing every day for the marriage that we have and our sweet little children who are so amazing. I could't have picked a better life for myself.

Anticipating the Spring and of course, the Trampoline...

The Funneral

At my Grandma's house in Torrance

Ilene's wedding

Living Aquarium with my brother, Josh and our kids