Sunday, January 2, 2011

november and december

Our christmas was great. I think the kids had quite the christmas. I was really excited for them, the little girls got a Barbie dollhouse, that in my opinion, is the COOLEST thing ever! I always wanted one when I was younger and was so glad that Santa thought of it. Santa also suprised us with a Wii. I haven't really ever wanted one, I am not a "gamer" and I don't want my kids to be either, and not to mention, the games are soo expensive. But It has actually been a lot of fun for the kids. Micah is also enjoying it. I guess we don't buy things that make us happy, its what makes our kids happy (in moderation, of course).

It was a bit rugged for me on christmas, I was pretty sick and we had to make several stops that day, needless to say I was exhausted. My parents got the kids "pillow pets" which I was really excited about. They have been wanting them for so long so it was a nice surpise for them. They also got Micah a superman snuggie. We didn't get to spend much time with my siblings, the past several years, since we are all so scattered haven't been as great as they could be, but its to be expected when you start to have your own families and priorities. We spent a bit of time with Micah's family and it was great to visit and have all the cousins together. They really are best friends. Micah's parents built and gave quilting racks for the girls in the family. I can't wait to get started...tie quilts that is. I have to set my goals small with something like that.

I cant believe another year has come and gone. I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring. I am hoping for alot of change this year. We are excited to settle into our new home and new jobs and plan on just enjoying being with our children. We feel that our family is complete and are excited to spend quality time together.