Thursday, December 16, 2010

I feel like there is so much stuff "pending" in my life. We are anxious to move into a new home, but cannot seem to sell the one we are currently in. I know that its a slow time right now, and that is fine, but it is hard to try and make plans until we know that our house is sold. Since we have listed our home we had three other homes within FEET of us, list as well. I hope it doesn't hinder our situation.

We also have been waiting for a driver position to open up for Micah at UPS so that he can be on "days" and I can finally stay home with the kids, and have Micah on a regular sleep schedule. We never thought we would be waiting this long. It has been a little frustrating at times that we are continually waiting, but what more can we do?

Also, there has been talk with my current employers along with a potentially new employer to have me work from home doing billing, insurances and collections. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but stepping out of the workforce is a little bit unnerving. So this opportunity just might be the "fit" for me. Although now, I have to consider who I will work for? Do I work for a new employer who will pay me quite a bit more? Or, do I work for the same guys I have worked for for over 10 years and who I have built a strong work relationship with?

Its funny, you think that once you get married, have children and husband graduating college, then you have set your place in life, no more "worries", but in fact, it is constantly changing and you are constantly adapting. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so happy with my life. I am so blessed to have a loving husband who works hard and does all he can to make my life and our children's lives happy and easy. I am greatful for wonderful children who teach me so much about myself and the kind of person I want to be. I am greatful we have stable jobs and for such a wonderful home. It may not be our "dream house" but it is our "dream home". And I know that I owe it all to my Father in Heaven. I know that he loves me, because I see it in the blessing I have. It gives me such strength to know I am a daughter or God.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home For Sale

Our house is on the market! Micah and I have decided that it was time to move. It actually started about a year ago when Micah and I were trying to refinance the house. After several attempts and 2 appraisals later, we found that it was not possible to refinance. Last month when we learned that our most recent attempt had failed, we then decided to consider selling the home. WIth alot of prayer and fasting, we decided that it was time to move on.

I have loved our home. We have lived in it for almost 5 years. Its where we raised our kids. For the younger three, its the only home they have ever known. We have enjoyed and have so many great memories. It will be sad when we have to eventually pack it up and say good bye, but for Micah and I, we always knew this was temporary, and that we had one more move in us.

In looking for another home, I think we will still consider the South West side of SL valley, but we will be looking for the "final" home. The one that we will live in for the remainder of our lives (hopefully). We are excited to see where we end up and fortunately, the kids are still very young that moving, will not disrupt their life too much. Elsa is our only child in school, and her only request is that she finish out the school year with her class.

I just hope that it sells quickly, smoothly and easily. I don't think that is asking too much?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun

October is always one of my favorite months. Micah and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary on the 9th. I have several family member birthdays including my sweet little Livy, who turned 5 on the 24th.

I also really enjoy General Conference. We went up to Logan to watch it with Micah's family and we had our annual fall picnic where Micah's mom makes amazing buffalo wings. Its the only time I ever eat wings.

We came back up to Logan last weekend again to go to the "Pumpkin Walk" It was fun for the first 20 min. and then the rain came!! We went back to the house and carved pumpkins and had made-from-sratch dounuts. So good!

Last night of course, we got together with Brecken and her kids and hit the streets. It rained, of course, but that didn't stop us! They came back with quite the "loot". I love celebrating these "kid" holidays. It is so fun to relive it through them. We do the best we can to create these fun memories for our kids.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yellowstone, Ocktoberfest, McNeal photos

So, I got a little backed up on updating my blog, and for some reason when I upload the pics, the end up all out of order. I dont really have the time to label and put them all in order so I will just explain them all.
Over labor day Micah and I took the kids along with my little brother Ian and his brood to Yellowstone with my parents. It was alot of fun (as usual) although I must admit, being a parent and taking little kids on vacation is really no vacation for the parents. I was probably more exhausted when I came home than I am just at the end of any regular day. Its alright though, we do it "for the kids" right? It ended up snowing the second day we were there, that was strange. It even stuck to the ground for a while.
Earlier in the summer we had my brother, Travis and his kids come over from Pittsburgh and so my mom wanted to get some family photos done. That was pretty hectic, but I thought they turned out great.
Nixon starting walking this past month, although he isn't really that into it, he just does it when he is "in the mood". I really enjoy watching how the girls interact with him. He can do no wrong. they just think the world of him and always want to make him happy and laugh. I think he will be well taken care of. Hehe.
I also have a pic in there of me at work with my ladies. One of the girls ( blonde, in the middle) was quiting. I have worked with her for over 6 years and it was really sad to see her go.
Last weekend we went up with the Wybrows to Ocktoberfest, we go up every september and have alot of fun. No chicken dance this year, which was a little upsetting to Livy, but...there is always next year.
Elsa is really blossoming in second grade. She has a great teacher and is making alot of friends. Livy and Hillie are enjoying making a mess and tattleing on each other, which in turn, has been alot of fun for me. I hope they will soon grow out of it.
Other than all that, it has been a great couple months.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer just went too fast this year. It was the first summer Micah didn't have school and so we enjoyed every minute and found all kinds of fun activities we could do as a family.
Micah has put his name in to become a UPS driver and we have been waiting for a spot to open since the end of June. Once he starts driving, I can finally quit my job and become a full time mom! I have been waiting for this opportunity for years and now that it is just on the horizon, I am getting quite anxious. It will be so nice to have Micah home at night and for me to be able to spend more time with the kids. Micah has been such a great dad while I work. He does alot to help with the daily household chores. I will miss that when he does start working days, but I am completely ready for it. I know there is nothing more important than being home and being there for my kids. so I welcome the change with open arms.
Elsa started school this week and she has mastered the skill of riding her bike! So every chance I get, we are going on bike rides together and riding our bikes to school. It has been so neat to see her grow up and become a responsible and caring kid!
We had a great run this summer, and now are reluctantly looking forward to the fall and eventually....Winter. Just think positive, right?

hanging out on the rooftop of the marriott downtown salt lake with my family

at the drive in movie with all the kids in the back of the truch waiting for the movie to start

The girls showing off their new shades

With the Wybrows at the Cache County Fair

One last swimming trip with Brecken and Phil and their kids

Elsa and her first day of 2nd grade

Livy and Hillie showing their candy necklaces and bracelets they made

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Battlefield, UGH!

Okay, I feel I have to explain something. I DO NOT like the Jordan Sparks, "Battlefield" song. When I set up my slide show for Disneyland, the song is automatically on there. I have tried and have no idea how to get rid of the song. I didn't even select it. So I appoligize to anyone who reads my blog that they have to either endure or mute their computers. If anyone has any idea how I can rid my blog of this ridiculous song, please let me know. Again, I am sorry.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kids in the tree house at the discovery gateway


Hillie in her birthday present

Nixon and his cake face

Hillie and her "princess and the frog" cake

Elsa and her cousin, Sophie

My mom, my kids and me after the babtism

My sisters, Ilene and Susie

My best high school friend, Michelle and me at the pool

my family


The Trampoline!!!

The Logan Cruise in

Kids on the slip and slide

July has been a great month. We started off the month by going up to Logan for the fourth and all their festivities. We always enjoy the fireworks and the Cruise in. A week after that, my brother Travis who lives in Pittsburgh, brought his family here to babtize their oldest daughter Sophie. It has been a couple of years since we have seen them, so it was great to hang out with them and get to know them again. Since we had the families together we did family pictures and spent time with the kids at the Discovery Gateway.
We decided that since my family was in town, that we would celebrate Hillie and Nixons birthdays. It is always so much fun to see them try and eat their birthday cake at 1 yr old.
My high school friend was in town and so we took our families to the swimming pool. It was really nice to spend time with her again. I love that we can go almost a year without speaking and be able to pick up right where we left off.
Micah has had it with our swamp cooler and we have had a couple of bids for central air. I cant believe how pricey it is, but we know it will be worth it. So we just need to decide on when we want to do it. Apparently the rebates are only good up until the end of the year.
We have really tried to make this summer fun and memorable for the kids. We have taken them swimming alot, got a trampoline, and just the other night we took them to a drive in movie. It was so much fun. It makes me so happy to be able to do these things for them and see how happy they are.
I am still running as much as I can, but I cannot stand running when it is warm, so I have been going out as early as 6 in the morning to beat the heat. I have to admit, I still dont LOVE it, but I have been doing it for so long now and have built up alot of endurance that I dont want to let that go. Plus, its good excersise.