Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, its been a while. I find it difficult to update my blog when I have a lot going on. We celebrated a baptism, two birthdays, a wedding, and job change these past few months.

Elsa turned 8 this year. I took her up to the Oquirrh Temple before the big day and took some photos. It was really special to see her get into the font and have Micah baptize and confirm her. I am so greatful that Micah was worthy to perform such ordinances. Once she came out of the water and I was helping her get dressed, I had a chance to really talk to her and bare my testimony to her. I will always treasure that moment I had with her. It was also wonderful to have the support of our family and friends.

We also celebrated Elsa (of course) and my birthday. For Elsa's birthday I told her that instead of a party, we would take her out on a date with just mom and dad. She really liked the idea, so we went to the Cracker Barrel (her fav) and then went to Fat Cats for bowling. She really enjoyed having our focus on her for one night. As for me, Micah and I went out with our friends to Goodwood BBQ and just had a great time and alot of laughs.
As the years go by, I loose track of how old I am getting. I was looking through my moms planner just before my birthday and my mom had written 33 on my birthday. I told her she was wrong and that I was turning 32. She looked at me shockingly and argued, that, No, you will be 33!! I feel that Im not getting older, only my kids are.

Micah's little brother Tappan was married last week. It was so much fun to have all the kids (siblings, and their kids) together. Micah and all the brothers went out the night before and they closed the resturant down. He really enjoyed having that time with them. As for me, I stayed in that night to help Brecken put the wedding cake together. There is nothing that girl CANT do. She amazes me. Connie and Katie made the little girls dresses, and everything went really well. They immediately hopped on a plane and are now current residents of Hawaii (yea, sucks for them).

I am also getting ready for another wedding of my baby sister, Ilene, who will be getting married next month. Its been really great to help her prepare for it.

And finally, after nearly 11 years, I quit my job to move to another Dentist office (part time, of course). It has been challanging to be the "new girl", but I know that it the best thing I can do right now for my family and I am sure that as time goes by it will get better. I have no regrets. It was sad to leave those girls that I have known for so long. They had a very nice farewell lunch planned for me and they even gave me a really nice farewell gift.

The house is still for sale, we are having a few more showing (which is good). Micah's name is still on the list for driving truck at UPS, we are hoping it will be within the next couple months. We litterally don't know what to expect this year, but we do know that whatever happens, we will be happy.
Elsa's baptism day!

Farewell lunch with the girls at work

Out with our best friends for my birthday

Helping Brecken get the cake ready for the wedding

Nixon LOVES the washer and dryer. It makes all kinds of sounds when you turn on and off. UGH!