Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can't believe May is almost over! What a great month! Micah graduated from College!!!!! It was so awesome to see him get to walk across that stage and accept his degree. I am so proud of him. It took a long time but it was definatly worth it.
We drove to Disneyland the next day and spend three days there. My brother Sean surpised us on the second day and it was really great to see him spend time with the girls. The last day we were there, there was a bomb scare and they evacuated us all out of tomorrowland. It was a bit unnerving but it appeared as if they had it all under control. The kids had so much fun and every night they still wanted to go swimming. I couldn't believe it. Livy was able to meet the princesses and they were so cute. We were able to take Elsa on all the big rides and she really enjoyed Space Mountain and the Matterhorn. The Hollywood Hotel Terror ride, not so much.
After Disneyland we drove to San Diego and went to the Zoo. I couldn't belive how big it was and how much up hill walking there was. Elsa had darted ahead of me as we were walked and when I yelled out her name a woman turned around and said that was her name too. She and I were both surprised to see that someone else shared that name. Elsa thought that was really neat.
We then went to the beach and relaxed. The sky was a bit overcast but it was still warm. Elsa had fun building a sand castle while the other girls managed to get sand everywhere! My brother Ian and his wife and their little girl joined us for the trip and Ian had a friend who lived in San Diego so he came by at the beach and brought his wet suits and surf boards and Micah gave a go at it. HE did really good considering it was his first time.
It was a great trip, not too long but not too short. We were glad to be home. It really made me appreaciate where I live. I love to visit, but Utah is my home and I am happy about that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This last month has been quite busy. Elsa has started up soccer again, she is a "black widow". She really enjoys playing, even though she hangs back alot and just runs with the crowd.
Livy has been going to play groups with kids in our ward and has boycotted any house that has a dog. Which is about 1/2 of the group.
We have started the potty training with Hillie and she is doing really good, she won't go #2 yet, but we are working on it. I decided am not going to stress about it like I did with Livy. She can stay in pullups for however long she wants. I really dont care.
Nixon has started crawling, pulling himself up and has cut his upper teeth. He has become quite the little "thumb sucker" and right now, its just too cute that I am not really trying to make him quite.
Micah is getting ready for graduation next week. We are so excited and proud of his accomplishment. I will be sitting with all the kids as close to the front I can get so we can all cheer him on as he takes the walk.
I have started running recently and have been really enjoying it. I didn't think I would like it as much as do. Today, Micah's sister, Brecken and her husband Phil and I did a 5k for the SL running co. It was rainy but alot of fun. I am signed up for the UT valley marathon ( I will be doing a 5k) in June and look forward to training and eventually trying a 10k. I am not sure if I would want to ever do a marathon, but who knows, I didn't think I would ever run for leisure either.
We are gearing the kids up for our family vacation in Disneyland next week. I am so excited to go and take the kids and just have fun. We have been anticipating this trip for a few years now and its finally come. We were hoping to have it be a McNeal family reunion but unfortunatly the whole clan, except my brother Ian and his family wont be able to come. I just hope the weather is good for us.