Monday, March 30, 2009

Ugh! More Snow!

Can I complain just for a little bit? I am so sick of this stinkin' weather. Just when you think its warm enough to go and send the kids outside, it snows. I was watching the weather report this morning and we are supposed to get 2 MORE storms before the end of the week. What the FREAK!

Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. I have been having conversations with people in my neighborhood and there have been a few incidents of people breaking into their cars and their houses! It scared me to death. I am debating on getting a dog. I really don't want a dog, but I am considering it now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Instacare Nightmare

So over the weekend Hillie has been battling the croup. It is a horrible cough that makes them sound like baby seals barking. It usually only is bad when they are sleeping. It started to worsen and yesterday when I came home from work it had become so bad that she was struggling to just breath. I immediatley loaded the kids in the car and we took off to Instacare. When we got there they took her back immediately and put her on a breathing treatment and followed up with a Dexmethazone shot which was suppose to open her airways and help her breath. Her oxygen levels were WAY below normal and her heart rate was WAY above normal. They wanted to observe her for a couple hours to make sure she didn't have any sort of reaction. After a couple of hours she showed no improvement and the Dr. instructed us to go up to Primary Childrens and she would probably have to stay the night. It was about 9:30 at this point and we were not looking forward to having to do this all over again at Primary's, so the Dr called ahead to tell them we were coming. Once he talked to the Dr up there, they decided to try the breathing treatment one more time. If it didn't work then they would just admit us right away. I thought that sounded like a good plan and so we did the treatment a second time. Thank Goodness, she finally showed signs of improvement. They said that we could take her home and if it worsened then to go straight to Primary's. I was relieved to see her sleep well and the weezing became less intense. She still is not 100%, but at least she can breath much better.
I do not do well seeing my babies get so sick and feeling so scared. I became quite emotional and I was glad to have Micah there. I can't think of anything more upsetting than to see your child suffer and feel so helpless.
I was so greatful for the nurses and the Dr. there at the Instacare. They were so sweet and VERY attentive to Hilie's needs and our own. I hope that now we can all get a good nights sleep.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Niece?!

So last Friday I get a picture text from my brother and his wife out in Pittsburgh, PA with their three girls and my sister in law, Debi, holding a newborn?! I called them immediately and come to find out that they had a BABY! No one even knew she was pregnant! They kept it a secret from both families. I couldn't beleive they did that. It was a girl and they named her Eden Jane McNeal. My knee jerk reaction was that I was upset. How could they not tell anyone! However, at this point in time, there is no need to stay upset. They had a baby! I am still waiting for a better picture so I can really see what she looks like. It is always so exciting to welcome a new memeber to the clan.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IT"S A BOY!!!!!!

If you haven't guessed it by now, We are having a little boy in July! We have kept it a secret from everyone we know until we had the ultrasound and found out what it was. Micah thought it would be more fun to hold out and surprise people with not only the pregnancy news, but also the gender.

It was so funny when we found out because Micah immediatly shouted, YES! and then he broke into tears. I know he has been wanting this so bad, not that he would be upset with a girl, by any means. He is so good with girls. However, he can now look forward to Priestood meetings, father and son outings with scouts, sports and all that other stuff that fathers and sons do together.
Now comes the challenging part, we have to get a mini van. Deciding on how much to spend and what kind has been a struggle. We are trying to sell our Toyota Corrolla first, so that we can use that money to put down, but as soon as people find out the mileage, they aren't interested. UGH! We have a few months before we really have to concern ourselves, but we are really anxious to upgrade sooner that later. There will be quite a bit of changes with this little guy, but we look forward to them all. We are truly blessed in our lives and are greatful every day.