Friday, December 2, 2011

HOLY MOLY!! Was July really my last post??

THe pictures actually are a backwards timeline

Hillie and Nixon with their cousin Camry


Livy's 6th Birthday!!

WE went to Airport 2 to see an original WWII B-17 airplane, really cool!!

For Micah's Birthday, we went to the FOO FIGHTERS!!

Going out to celebrate our 12th anniversary!!

Annual Oktoberfest with Wybrows!!

Micah and I had a chance to go up to Park City for an overnight stay with my work, we ate dinner at the River Horse

Elsa and Livy's first day of school!!

Hillie's 4th birthday!!

Nixon's 2nd birthday!!

It has been a great year, I must say. We have decided to stay in our house for another year or so. We took it off the market in the early summer (we couldn't sell it). So I have decided to embrace the neighborhood, realize the blessings and I am content. I really can't complain, I have great neighbors, my kids are happy and healthy, our house is in good shape, and I am able to be home now. What is there to complain about, really?
Elsa and Livy started 3rd grade and kindergarten. They are really enjoying it. I teach art in Elsa's class every other week and I help in Livy's class every tuesday. I love being able to observe them with their peers.
I was released from the RS pres and am now serving the YW. First time being in YW since I was a YW, so it has been alot of fun.
Thanksgiving was great. We spent it up in Hyrum with Micah's family and everything was delicious. I have surprising enjoyed the brussel sprouts each year.
For the first time, I was a die hard black friday gal. My friend and I went out at 9:30 thurs night, hit a few stores, then went to IHOP for a break, which was crazy busy at 2;30 in the morning!!??? Then hit several more stores and finished up at 6:30 am!!! Yes, I was crazy! I could't really sleep friday, cuz Micah ended up working and so I had to be with kids. I got a couple hours of sleep. I don't think I have pulled an "all nighter" since I was in college! Needless to say, I went to bed at 6:30 pm and woke up at about 8:00 in morning. Im sure I could have slept in longer if the kids weren't there.
The Holidays are now here and Micah is working like a dog! He is out every night til about 9:30-10:00 pm. This year, with the boost in sales has given UPS an obscene amount of work. There is just too much! He will normally have around 60-70 stops in a day, but during the holidays, he is having as much as 270 stops!! He is such a hardworker and never complains.
During this time of year, I truly count my blessings. I am greatful every day for what I have. Merry Christmas!!


  1. YES, July was your last post! I vote you never wait that long again. I live for blog posts.
    I know December is a crazy month, but I say we drop everything and meet for lunch next week. Wed. Thur. or Fri works best for me. What about you?
    I love this post. great pics and your kids are big and beautiful! Love the family pic around Halloween time! Holy 4 kids. Did you ever think you'd have 4 kids. You are such a great mom and I'm glad we are still friends!
    We'll see ya next week???

  2. Me again. Just had to tell you I love your Christmas card! I have saved every card I've ever been sent, and its fun to look back on families and see how they've grown.

  3. Glad everyone is healthy and happy! It was great to see your family! Your kids are getting big, but you and Micah still look the same as you did when I first met you! I was happy you posted your Wybrow fam photo! Takes me back to when I used to come visit (or pester) you guys by the pool and just outside. :)