Monday, September 27, 2010

Yellowstone, Ocktoberfest, McNeal photos

So, I got a little backed up on updating my blog, and for some reason when I upload the pics, the end up all out of order. I dont really have the time to label and put them all in order so I will just explain them all.
Over labor day Micah and I took the kids along with my little brother Ian and his brood to Yellowstone with my parents. It was alot of fun (as usual) although I must admit, being a parent and taking little kids on vacation is really no vacation for the parents. I was probably more exhausted when I came home than I am just at the end of any regular day. Its alright though, we do it "for the kids" right? It ended up snowing the second day we were there, that was strange. It even stuck to the ground for a while.
Earlier in the summer we had my brother, Travis and his kids come over from Pittsburgh and so my mom wanted to get some family photos done. That was pretty hectic, but I thought they turned out great.
Nixon starting walking this past month, although he isn't really that into it, he just does it when he is "in the mood". I really enjoy watching how the girls interact with him. He can do no wrong. they just think the world of him and always want to make him happy and laugh. I think he will be well taken care of. Hehe.
I also have a pic in there of me at work with my ladies. One of the girls ( blonde, in the middle) was quiting. I have worked with her for over 6 years and it was really sad to see her go.
Last weekend we went up with the Wybrows to Ocktoberfest, we go up every september and have alot of fun. No chicken dance this year, which was a little upsetting to Livy, but...there is always next year.
Elsa is really blossoming in second grade. She has a great teacher and is making alot of friends. Livy and Hillie are enjoying making a mess and tattleing on each other, which in turn, has been alot of fun for me. I hope they will soon grow out of it.
Other than all that, it has been a great couple months.