Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer just went too fast this year. It was the first summer Micah didn't have school and so we enjoyed every minute and found all kinds of fun activities we could do as a family.
Micah has put his name in to become a UPS driver and we have been waiting for a spot to open since the end of June. Once he starts driving, I can finally quit my job and become a full time mom! I have been waiting for this opportunity for years and now that it is just on the horizon, I am getting quite anxious. It will be so nice to have Micah home at night and for me to be able to spend more time with the kids. Micah has been such a great dad while I work. He does alot to help with the daily household chores. I will miss that when he does start working days, but I am completely ready for it. I know there is nothing more important than being home and being there for my kids. so I welcome the change with open arms.
Elsa started school this week and she has mastered the skill of riding her bike! So every chance I get, we are going on bike rides together and riding our bikes to school. It has been so neat to see her grow up and become a responsible and caring kid!
We had a great run this summer, and now are reluctantly looking forward to the fall and eventually....Winter. Just think positive, right?

hanging out on the rooftop of the marriott downtown salt lake with my family

at the drive in movie with all the kids in the back of the truch waiting for the movie to start

The girls showing off their new shades

With the Wybrows at the Cache County Fair

One last swimming trip with Brecken and Phil and their kids

Elsa and her first day of 2nd grade

Livy and Hillie showing their candy necklaces and bracelets they made