Saturday, February 13, 2010

It has been a busy few weeks. Micahs little brother, Ethem, came home from his mission in Mexico. It was really exciting to see him again, he is so tan. He was in shock by how pasty white we all were, and by how many caucasions there are.

My new work schedule is awesome. I really enjoy having Thurs and fridays off to catch up with housework and spending time with the family. I have even started baking my own bread each week for the kids.

Elsa celebrated her 7th birthday last week and only half of the kids we invited came. I think that is partly because she has been off track and I had to send the invites out two weeks early and I think the parents or the kids might have forgot. It was alot of fun. They played alot of games and it was great to see Elsa in a social setting.

Nixon is getting so big. He started sitting up this past month and a couple days ago, he finally cut not one, but both teeth on the bottom. The girls are so loving and protective of Nixon, the other day we were at my friends house and she has a little dog. When the dog approached Nixon, Hillie started to yell at her, telling her to "Get away from my baby budder!" Then she would put her arm around Nixon and say "its okay, Ni-den, its okay." I really enjoy watching the kids interact with each other. They are such good kids.